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Securing ethics and integrity for good metaverses

The Metavethics Institute is the only global, community-driven independent not-for-profit think tank dedicated to enabling sustainable, ethical, and inclusive efforts for technology-driven organizations through scientific research.

Our global network of passionate scientists, thought leaders, and industry experts is committed to ensuring that metaverses and digital, virtual environments are designed and developed by delivering integrity, privacy, safety, diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.



The Metavethics Institute focuses on investigating and advocating the ethical and integrity implications of human behavior towards metaverses and digital, virtual environments.

Metavethics requires the combined expertise of specialists from numerous disciplines including computer science, philosophy, ethics, theology, biology, physiology, cognitive science, neurosciences, law, sociology, psychology, economics, industrial design, and many more.


The Metavethics Institute is committed to advancing the design and development of good digital, virtual environments, and metaverses by running independent research programs, developing thought leadership initiatives, and advancing advocacy and policy developments across the world.


Meet our team

Our leaders, staff, board members, and advisors are passionate about researching and building digital, virtual environments and metaverses that guarantee integrity, privacy, safety, diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. They believe in a world where sustainable ethics will shape society for the better.


Scientific advisors


Thomas Caruso

Clinical Professor

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford University

liane_colonna b_w.jpg

Liane Colonna

Associate Professor

The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI)

Stockholm University 


Takumi Ohashi

Associate Professor

 Tokyo Institute of Technology

Expert advisors

Paul Amadeus Lane.jpg

Paul Amadeus Lane

          Vice President

      Amadeus 4th Media

Neve Trinder.png

Neve Trinder

Aaron Brancotti.jpeg

Aaron Brancotti

Partner - CTO

Fishbone Creek

Ken Omae-low.jpg

Ken Omae


Ken Omae Design


Brendan Nel

Chief Marketing Officer

 Sine Wave Entertainment

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