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Accelerating the sustainable development of
good metaverses

What we do

Navigating the ambiguous journey of designing good digital, virtual, and immersive environments and metaverses has never been so important.

Developing the right technology to deliver inclusive and accessible services, that provide safe and secure content by being ethically compliant with social norms is challenging.

Starting this journey without the right support can expose people to excessive risks and can reduce the value organizations deliver to their customers.

The Metavethics Institute provides organizations with the right tools to sustainably tackle ethical and integrity challenges affecting digital, virtual, and immersive environments by providing new design best practices to sustainably uplift privacy, safety, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.



Driving positive impact by sharing knowledge on sustainable, ethical, and inclusive metaverses for all.



Helping organizations to explore and navigate ambiguous challenges for designing good metaverses.

Advocacy and Policy Development

Pioneering the development of best practices and standards to design good metaverses.

The manifesto for good metaverses

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The science behind

As a science-driven organization the Metavethics Institute lays its foundations in independent cutting-edge research conducted by experts and leaders from top worldwide universities and research institutes.

Learn more about our research effort by downloading our latest publications and staying tuned to hear about success stories and to discover our case studies.

Technical report

How businesses can maximize
opportunities to deliver an accessible, safe, inclusive metaverse that guarantees equity and diversity.

Peer-reviewed paper

Learn the key questions you should ask before jumping into the design of digital, virtual, and immersive environments and what support you need to make sure they are ethically compliant.


Learn how we can help you to sustainably assess, design, build, deliver, and run sustainable ethical, and inclusive digital, virtual, and immersive environments and metaverses.

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