How do ethics influence the design of the Metaverse?


The opportunities the Metaverse will create in the future are almost limitless.

Notwithstanding the rise of limitless opportunities, it is important to understand how the Metaverse will provide safe, inclusive, accessible experiences for billions of people by guaranteeing equity and diversity.

Research from the University of Cambridge has defined a path to maximize how businesses can shape the future of a safe, inclusive Metaverse.

We are currently living in the immersive technology renaissance.


The Metaverse, or its counterparts, cannot be defined only as a single digital immersive environment owned by one company.

There will be different digital worlds, exactly as there are currently different social media platforms, online meeting services, productivity software, online e-commerce environments and many more.

"We need to know where we are coming from to shape a safe, inclusive digital immersive world."

We must start studying the ethics behind the Metaverse.

The Metavethics.

Metaverse ethics, sometimes known as "Metavethics", concerns ethical challenges and opportunities that occur within and around the Metaverse, a digital immersive environment.

Such ethical challenges and opportunities are related to how the Metaverse should be designed such that people, avatars and AI can act, behave and perform ethically.

Metavethics refers specifically to the study of AI and human behavior within and around digital immersive spaces, as the Metaverse and correlated technologies and applications become increasingly advanced and pervasive.

Metavethics is a sub-field of ethics of technology, specifically information and communication technology, and it has close links to data protection and privacy, legal, philosophical, behavioral, as well as socio-economic fields.

Researchers from diverse areas are beginning to tackle ethical questions about creating digital immersive environments and implementing them in societies, in a way that they will be safe, inclusive, and accessible by guaranteeing respect for diversity and equity for all human beings on earth.

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